Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No More Wind, Please

Yesterday I ran 6 miles with my friend, B, and "windy" doesn't describe it.
It was so windy that when it was done, I wiped my faced and took off a few layers of dirt and dust.
It was pretty gross, but I felt like a champ.
The hills by her house are so steep that they make the hills by mine look like "a walk in the park."
The good news is that I'm no longer intimidated by them.
I am however feeling those hills in my left calf.
I'll be icing that baby all day today.
I have 5 miles tomorrow and then a rest day before 11 miles on Friday.
Wish me luck!

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theAlmostRunner said...

just found your blog and i LOVE it. what an inspiration! can't wait to read more.