Monday, April 18, 2011

Get Real

Here it goes...


Let's get real.

I just ran my very first half marathon.

I kicked asphalt and my own butt!

However, it's time for some real serious talk or typing.

I am up on the scale.

To be honest, I need to lose 15 pounds.

I am at ???? pounds right now.
How did I do it? Well... I ate more than I should have, of course. While training for my half marathon, I started running 6 miles a week. By the time I finished my training, I was running 26 miles a week. What does one need to do to have the energy to do that?

Eat, of course... and sleep too.
Well, there are lots of things to do, actually. I'm just going to address the "eating" part of it.
I needed carbs to fuel my body for the speed runs, short runs, hill runs, and of course the long runs.
So I ate.
And ate.
I know at this point that I ate too much. I'm a novice half marathoner though, okay?

The other part of this weight gain is also the fact that I'm off my meds. I have insulin resistance due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
I used to be on Metformin, but I was taken off it around Thanksgiving last year. I think that was probably disastrous. I'm a little worried now because my younger sister just got diagnosed with diabetes a week ago. Her health, eating habits, lifestyle, and activities are different from mine, but diabetes does run in my fam. I have to see my doctor in June, so I need to drop the pounds fast and eat all the whole grains I can get my hands on.

As a serious runner, you'd think I would lose and/or maintain weight loss. I really think there's something going on with my body besides PCOS. I'm also going to have my doctor check my thyroid.
Here's my plan:

Eat and drink these!
*whole grain
*more fiber
*salad in the afternoons
*small portion at dinner
*white meat chicken
*one sweet dessert reward on date night
*water, water, water

Get rid of these!
*red meat
*white bread
*white rice

I apologize for this long post, but I need a good kick in the butt. I know I'm the only one who will do it too!


Thirteenlbs said...

No apologies necessary. Congrats in the half marathon!!!!

I think your list looks good.

MissHaneefa said...

Yeah! You did it! I want to hear all about the half marathon. I know that you have gained, but you have also gained confidence and the ability to run long distances. Well done. I know that you can get those 15 ponds off in a few weeks.