Monday, October 25, 2010

More Waiting

Food Temptation of the Week:  Candy, what else? Oh yeah... maybe all the chili and cornbread you can eat at a cook-off we're going to on Saturday.

My "jog" went really well. I had very little to no pain at all on my left leg.
This made me very excited because it has been a while since I've felt good.
I was supposed to see my chiro on Wednesday, but the building they just moved into isn't ready.
I have to wait until next Monday. I'm hoping that he'll tell me that I can start running. Even running slowly and shorter distances in the beginning would be great. We've had some rain for almost a week now, but the air is cool. I'm loving the weather. This morning I took the twins out for a walk, but I don't know how much I'll be able to do that anymore. Twin Girl REFUSES to sit in the double jogging stroller. She finds a way to climb out of her 5-point seatbelt and stands. I then take her out in fear of her falling off while I'm pushing the stroller. Then she wants me to carry her. That doesn't work. It has been quite frustrating, and I feel very guilty for trying to get in some activity while they're in the stroller a few days a week. This is what I've decided to do to help me keep my fitness up and maybe lose these 10 pounds I've packed on since being re-injured in August.

Monday:  1 hour walk, 1 hour kickboxing
Tuesday:  1 hour kickboxing, 30 minutes upper body
Wednesday:  rest day
Thursday:  1 bike ride (if tires aren't flat) or 1 hour kickboxing, 30 minutes upper body
Friday:  1 hour bike ride or 1 hour kickboxing
Saturday: 1 hour bike ride or 1 hour kickboxing, 30 minutes upper body
Sunday:  rest day

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