Friday, December 17, 2010

Cold + Rain = Me No Run Outside

Whoa! I'm so proud of myself!
I can't believe that I'm posting for the second consecutive day.
It's even during the holidays!
I admit that I haven't been the best at posting
for the past 3 months, and it can mostly
be attributed to my inability to being as physically active
and/or running.
To quote Gaston's (Belle's other love interest) sidekick, I've been a little "down in the dumps."

I had a late night last night, and I was pretty tired when I woke up at 7 a.m. this morning.
However, I was still excited about the 5 miles I ran yesterday, and I didn't want to run a full 5 miles on Saturday.
So... I put on my running shoes and ran.
I decided to run only 2 miles today because 5 miles was a lot for me.
I hadn't run that much in one run since before my 10K back in August.
The second I started running it started pouring.
I think the weather knows when I'm going out for a run.
I can guarantee that it will be
or will rain.
What's up with that?
It's like the cosmos are telling me not to run.
Anyway, against my doctor's advice, I went to our clubhouse and ran my 2 miles on the dreadmill.
I... was... so... bored.
I've been spoiled.
I've been running outside where the mountains are dusted with a little snow,
and don't let me forget about the occasional drivers that I sometimes have
to dodge because they're not paying attention to me and my bright red windbreaker running at them.
I really hope I didn't mess myself up again.
So far so good though.
Just the normal soreness.
I loved it when it rained on me in the summer just after a run.
Now that it's in the 40's, I'm not so much a fan of the wet stuff.
I might have to cave in and join the gym.
A few of the gyms here have indoor tracks, and I loved trying it out last summer.
That would mean that I could run in the afternoons or at night.

Do you have a gym membership?


MissHaneefa said...

Way to go! I am so glad that you are back!

Debbie said...

No gym membership for me I live to far out it the country. I do have a treadmill though and a driveway that is 1100 feet long so it makes for a good walk. It looks really cold where you are... Brrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

Your progress is so inspiring...nice work!

Ana :)