Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get Off it!

I'm off!
I recently saw my doctor, and he told me that I can get off Metformin and Spironolactone!
My first reaction wasn't exactly "jumping for joy" though.
I frieked.
These two meds have helped me lose weight quickly with eating right and exercise.
Now those two things are being taken out of the equation, and I'm super scared.
What if I start to gain weight?
What if I can't lose the weight I would gain?
He said that if I keep up my running and eat right, then I should be okay.
I sure hope he's right.
I've had enough setbacks (running injuries, sickness, etc.).

I should be happy though because I did accomplish one of my goals from last year.
I'm no longer in danger of becoming diabetic, and my cholesterol is normal.
Here is my "big pat on my back!"
I go back in 6 months for new bloodwork just to make sure all is good.
Yesterday I had an awesome 4 mile run.
I'm really happy that I can run 4-5 miles with minimal pain on the balls of my feet,
but I wish I could go faster.
Energy-wise I'm doing great. I'm not struggling too bad in my last half mile.
I guess I just need to keep at it, and I can go faster.
Anyway, I'm not racing anyone but myself.

How are you doing on your runs and/or exercises? Are you running out of gas at the end or are you pushing yourself enough?

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Laura P said...

I have never commented before but I also have PCOS and have quite a bit of weight to loose. Has metformin and spironolactane worked well for you? I have a very difficult time loosing weight and though these meds have come up before I did not know about the side effects or if it really helped. Thanks!