Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Say No

Part of the success with blogging is that it has helped me
be accountable to you, my readers.
I can't shove junk down my throat and feel good
keeping it from you.
I've decided that all the sugar and fat that I've eaten
during the holidays and just recently my mom's "sweet" 60th birthday bash
has taken its toll on my body, mind, and spirit.
No more.
I'm done.
I decided a couple of days ago that I need to flush out my sugar and fat cravings.
They've been bad.
I haven't gained back all the weight from my former 163 pound body,
but if i were to continue eating junk it would be easy to.
Add to that the fact that I'm no longer on any of the medications that were
keeping me from being diabetic.
Whatever I put into my body will affect my health greatly,
and also may take me back to taking 3 different medications.
I'm not willing to do that.
I've researched and done the South Beach Diet before and lost a few pounds.
I didn't stick with it, but I have to stick with it this time.
There's so much on the line now.
I am confident that with the training for my half marathon and the
encouragement to stay off medication will keep me on plan.
Today is Day 1.
It's in 3 phases.
Phase 1 is two weeks long.
It's the hardest.
No bad carbs- bread, pasta, rice, sugar.
Phase two is as long as you want to keep losing weight.
You add a little whole grain, carbs, and fruit.
Phase 3 is maintenance.
That's the hard part for me.
As long as I can be active (running, mostly) without injury, I'll be good.
The wonderful thing about sticking with the first two weeks is that it really does change my body chemistry. I no longer get the bad cravings for sugar and fat.
It's still there, but it's not as bad.
Wish me luck!


Sistergirl said...

Getting off sweets is so hard. I just got off the sodas. Now I drink water, water, water.

gmontalvo13 said...

love when blogging holds me accountable too! kudos to you for making the effort!

MissHaneefa said...

I know that you can do this! Soon you will be back to your svelter self!