Friday, August 6, 2010

Kiss my Face


I've been so very blessed to be able to wake up so very early in the morning and run outside. The city lights are still on when I head out the door. The sun hasn't risen yet. Not even a tiny bit. We live above 95% of the city, and it's quite beautiful (urban view) in a different sense. I've been reading a lot of blogs lately, and most of those people live in more rural parts. I don't have the luxury of large fields or quiet solitude like them, but I do find some beauty in the city I live in. The temps have ranged from high 70's-low 90's. That's pretty wonderful compared to the 100's during the day.

Today I'm running my long run- 7 miles. It will be the last time I run this distance for a long time unless I decide to run another 10K in the future. I haven't decided just yet. I keep my shorter runs under 4 miles because my feet still hurt like heck when I hit 4 miles. I've been told by two doctors to stop running and take up something else, but I haven't found anything I like besides dancing. Maybe I should go into that. Hmm... There's a thought. It would have to be something I do at least 4 times a week.

I weigh myself for my "final weigh-in" tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to it. I know I'm not down to 120 pounds. That's okay. I've come a very long way. I'm proud of my accomplishments.

*lost 38 pounds
*can run 8 miles without stopping
*run 5-6 times a week
*lift 10 pound weights for many reps
*became more flexible
*lost 21% body fat
*wear size 4 and/or small in clothing
*developed muscle tissue in legs
*toned arms
*have more energy to take care of twins
*less stressed in marriage

Friday's Fuel:  eating clean
Friday's Activity:  7 mile run

Saturday's Fuel:  eating clean, yummy dinner and dessert, experimenting with dried pineapple rings
Saturday's Activity:  rest

Sunday's Fuel:  eating clean, experimenting with dried pineapple rings
Sunday's Activity:  rest


Syl said...

It's so great that when we have a long road ahead of us or what seems to be a long road, we can stop and reflect on the positive and reward ourselves with the what we have accomplished so far. Great work M!!!

MissHaneefa said...

Love the list that you made. I am also proud of you. Great work and I am excited fo your weigh in tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

You have definately come so far and should be so proud of yourself. If you like to dance...have you ever tried Zumba? I went to 4 classes last week with two different teachers. I have been going for months now and I love it! At first I wasnt sure I was going to like it but after the first class when you get to learning the moves and repeat them in the next class it is soooo much fun! And from what I read you burn between 400-1200 calories in 1 hour class!!! So that is pretty similar to a 3 mile run for me(460 cals). And it is so fun. I bet you would love it if you love to dance!!

I live in a rural town near a swamp and I am no longer able to run outside because the mosquitoes carry a deady disease called EEE. Its pretty scary. They test every year and when it pops we dont go outside much until frost comes. They just sprayed last night via planes dropping insecticide or something...which certainly doesnt get rid of all mosquitoes. point...yes, you are totally fortunate to be able to run outside! It sounds like your view is awesome! Keep up your great work.


Crys said...

Those accomplishments are nothing to turn your nose up at! They're huge. Running (or working out period) 5-6 times per week, running 8 miles w/o stopping and reducing body fat 21% -- HUGE. It's amazing that the longer you stay on the journey to get healthy, the less it becomes about the number on the scale. You've done AMAZING!