Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm a traitor.
I'm sorry Asics, but it just felt right.
I purchased my first pair of running shoes (Asics 2150) on February 26, 2010- day after my birthday. LOL.
It has been six months and over 400 miles since then.
Runners need to replace their running shoes every 300-400 miles and even earlier if they run on rougher terrain.
How am I a traitor?
The new pair of running shoes I purchased was the Saucony Omni 8.
They just came out with the Omni 9's, but the 8's were a great fit for me.
I'm super excited to run this morning.
The owner of the store (Fleet Feet) who fitted me said he also suffers from Morton's Neuroma, but having the right orthotics and high stability shoes keeps him running without pain.
I really hope that's what I found in this new of pair of shoes.

I had an awesome 5 mile run on Tuesday morning (before I purchased the new shoes).
I'll be running 3.5 miles today.
I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a happy and healthy weekend!


Girlie said...

Oh my, I love me some Saucony's! My last 2 pairs of running shoes have been with that brand.... (which reminds me... I need a new pair too).

99ToGo said...

I'm a traitor too. I used to be a Nike gal, but New Balance has been serving me well lately. I've never heard of Morton's Neuroma I'll have to go look it up!

Silly Girl Running said...

Yay on the new shoes! And I'm sure that the Asics will forgive you...eventually... ;)