Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Beautiful Day, An Ugly Cold

Thank you you for your kind comments on yesterday's post.
You keep me inspired and motivated!

I woke up feeling worse today.
Lately, whenever we get colds at our house, it lingers for a long time.
I don't know why that is. Maybe it's the lack of sleep we all seem to have.
It sucks when you're doing everything right (eating healthy, exercising) and then you get sick.
That has been an obstacle for me whenever I start to work out and eat right.
Of course, you need at least 7 hours of uninterupted sleep. Who gets that?
I mean, who gets that in my situation?
I hope to start feeling better soon.
I still plan on working out today. I know. I'm crazy. I should take the day off and rest.
I took the day off yesterday though. I got a new workout DVD: The Firm: Sculpt. It says you could burn 500+ calories in the hour. I've always liked the The Firm DVD's.
Well, I have to make this short. Twin Boy is screaming to get out of his high chair.

Today's Plan
2 corn tortillas, 1oz. roast beef, 1/6 cup cheese
7 almonds
2 corn tortillas, 1oz. roast beef, 1/6 cup cheese
7 almonds
1/2 cup cheese ravioli, peas, lowfat sauce
1 banana
The Firm: Sculpt (1 hr.)
30 minute walk with double stroller
It's been beautiful outside, and the sun is shining!

Did I mention that my birthday was coming up?
It's on February 25th.   34.   I don't know if I like that. I'm looking forward to some yummy bday cake, though!

Have a happy and healthy day!

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Bowmanh23 said...

I hope you feel better and the results starts coming!