Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Getting There

Yesterday I woke up early and did a 30 minute run/walk program.

2 minutes run, 3 minutes walk
repeat, repeat, repeat

Every time I had to run, I thought, "Why am I doing this?."
I then would remind myself that it's going to be so great to fit into my skinnier clothes.
I would remind myself how much more confident I am.
I would remind myself how many years (possibly) I'm adding to my life with my husband and twins.
I would remind myself... it's worth it!

There are definitely days now that I don't feel like working out.
Maybe because I'm still sick.
Maybe because it's hard sometimes.
Yesterday was one of those days.
I woke up to falling snow.
It was pretty, but it made it just a little bit harder to go over to our clubhouse and work out.
I did it anyway.

This morning I weighed myself.
I finally made my 10% goal!
I actually passed my goal. I lost 3 pounds since last Tuesday's weigh-in. I now weigh 145.5 pounds.

Here is my newest pic!

It has been 7 weeks since I started this journey. I want to thank my readers and followers for your loving and thoughtful reminders and comments on why it is worth it and why I shouldn't give up.

Thank you.

Obviously, my weight loss journey is not yet over. My next goal is to lose the next 10 pounds.

How I plan to do it:
*Work out 5-6 days a week using weights, running, and varying workouts.
*Make sure I eat enough.
*Drink plenty of water.
*Indulge in a special dinner and dessert one night a week, so I don't completely binge one day.
*Blog, blog, and blog for accountability.

Today's Plan
1 large corn tortilla, 1/6 cup lowfat cheese, 1 slice turkey bacon
7 almonds
1 large corn tortilla, 1/6 cup lowfat cheese, 1 slice turkey bacon
7 almonds
1 1/4 cup ravioli with lowfat sauce, peas
1/2 banana
Body by Jake Cardio on Exercise TV with 5 pound weight

I hope you're having a happy and healthy day!


Weighting Around said...

Congratulations, 10% is fabulous. You are doing a great job and are looking better all the time!

Kerri & Katie said...

AHHH! Check out that picture! You're looking great! Keep it up, the next 10 will come off soon enough!

Emma said...

ExerciseTV is awesome!!!!! Body by Jake is one of my favorite workouts... I've actually lost 10 lbs recently thanks to that workout :)
I love to download the free workout DVDs on ExerciseTV.tv... go check it out!!
You won't be disappointed