Monday, February 15, 2010

Great Weekend

I did a run/walk program for one hour. I lifted weights and did abs for 30 minutes.
I haven't gone on the treadmill in almost 2 years. When I got to our workout room in our clubhouse, I saw a lot of older people there. Some looked familiar, and the others didn't. I felt very small. I felt very small all of a sudden because I knew that the ones that were familiar to me have this exercise "thing" down. They have developed these habits for some time. They get up early and exercise every day. They say that an activity doesn't become a habit until you do it 21 times. I can think of some not-so-good habits that I've created in my life. Now I'm focusing on creating good habits. I've been blogging about my weight loss for over a month now. I'd like to think this has become a habit.
I wonder if there will ever be a time when I don't "count" what I eat and I just eat healthy all the time without even thinking about it. My run/walk experience this past Saturday was fun, exciting, exhausting, and surprising. I had fun doing it while I listened to my ipod. It was exciting because there were times when it felt great. It was exhausting because my body had no idea I was going to do an hour. Let's face it. I've got lots of jiggly bits to get rid of. My legs ached, but more awful was the pain on my feet and toes. I thought they were on fire. Literally on fire. I think I need new shoes. The first time I lost 45 pounds (7 years ago) my feet actually shrunk. I think my feet are starting to shrink again. That's great because they definitely got bigger after having the twins.
I really hope that I've lost weight this week. It would crush me if I didn't. Even a half-pound loss would be okay, but I'd rather settle for more. But then again I ate whatever I wanted for a lunch and dinner this week. Maybe I'll be punished for that.
Saturday's Food
2 corn tortillas, 2 slices of tomatoes, 1 oz. roast beef, 1/6 cup lowfat cheese
7 almonds
Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla Soup from Campbell's Soup Selects (veggies included)
Valentine's Dinner:  fried catfish with ponzu dipping sauce, lobster curry, white rice, mochi ice cream, 1 cupcake, yellowtail sashimi (Mmmmm..... my mouth still waters at how good everything was at our friend's AWESOME restaurant.)
It was definitely an experience of a lifetime. Growing up where I now live I remember looking up at this building where people ate and drank and had fun makes me feel all grown up.

My hubby and I cleaned out our garage completely for 4 hours. Does that count as exercise? I know my brain got some exercise from walking through memory lane a few times. Oh, the things we keep for sentimentalities!
2 corn tortillas, 2 slices of tomatoes, 1 oz. roast beef, 1/6 cup lowfat cheese
14 almonds
2 corn tortillas, 2 slices of tomatoes, 1 oz. roast beef, 1/6 cup lowfat cheese
14 almonds
2 oz. whole wheat spaghetti, 1/2 spaghetti sauce, 4 oz. lean ground turkey

Valentine's Day was wonderful. We went to church and attended the marriage and family class for one hour. The couple who teaches it is great. They're amazing. They don't claim to be perfect; they encourage only effort on both of them. That's what I want. My husband and I were reminded that "A couple who prays together stays together."  We both needed that.
After church we went home, fed the twins, took them down for a nap, ate lunch together, and opened our Vday presents for each other.

For him:
16 GB MP3 player
box of yummy granola bars
2 hearth-shaped Reese's PB Cups (his fave)

For Me:
digital picture frame (always wanted one)
(2) 50 minute massage gift certificates

He has always been good at giving great gifts. I love him very much even though he sometimes drives me crazy.
I've been getting compliments about my weight loss. I feel a little vain when I tell you this, but those compliments feel GREAT!

Monday's Plan
2 corn tortillas, 1/6 cup lowfat cheese, 1 oz. roast turkey
14 almonds
2 corn tortillas, 1/6 cup lowfat cheese, 1 oz. roast turkey
14 almonds
orange flavored chicken stirfry with broccoli, carrots, snow peas and 1/2 cup white rice
1 WW cookie
1 Skinny Cow fudgsicle
50 minutes of Jillian's Boost Metabolism, 1 hour run/walk with jogging stroller
I hope you're having a happy and healthy day!

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