Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Sickies

6 hours of sleep... seems like enough... but not for me.
I woke up to Twin Girl's crying at 5 a.m. this morning. I went into the nursery and put her in bed with me. She finally fell asleep fifteen minutes later.
Three hours later, I weighed myself. Needles to say I was afraid. I love/hate that scale.
My heart pounded. I prayed hard. I stepped onto my "little friend."
It read, "148.5 pounds."
I lost 1.5 pounds! I was shocked. I was happy. I was grateful!
I had so many food obstacles last week.
Tuesday's large vermicelli salad, Thursday's large grilled steak salad with guacamole, and Saturday's "Vday dinner" with hubby were sure to get me.
This week, I don't foresee too many food obstacles. I'm so thankful.
I haven't been in the 140's for about six years now, I think.
To those of you reading this who don't or never have had any weight issues, this success may be small. It's a big deal to me.
I feel stronger.
I feel healthier.
I'm not done losing weight or getting healthier, but I'm finally on the right path.
Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

Yesterday, I ate clean and healthy, did Jillian's Boost Metabolism and walked with the double stroller for 1 hour. I really needed more sleep last night, so I'll try to get to bed earlier tonight.

I'm taking the day off my exercise routine today, and I'm also indulging in tonight's dinner. Did I mention I've got the sickies? I think I have some kind of sinus infection. Not fun.

I hope you're having a happy and healthy day!


Weighting Around said...

Congratulations! An unexpected loss is always great. I hope to be pleasantly surprised tonight at my way in - that is if that nasty scale will cooperate! You might like my latest post - My Scale is a Dirty, Rotten, Lying Scoundrel!
Hope you are feeling better soon!

Barbara said...

Great job on the loss! Congrats for getting into the 140's. I can relate because I know I will be ecstatic to be in the 180's because I haven't been there for awhile.

MissHaneefa said...

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!

Amberly said...

Way to go!!

Bowmanh23 said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

Integrity Daily said...

Thanks M!

August 2010 is right around the corner ... keep at it!