Tuesday, February 9, 2010


What a relief! Some weeks go better than others, and last week was a great example. Today I stepped on the scale and saw that I lost 1.5 pounds. What a relief! I thought for sure that I was going to stay the same or maybe even gain, since I didn't think I had a very successful weekend. Being away from your own kitchen (where you can carefully plan out your meals) is scary for me. I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to eating out unless I've looked up the nutrional info for the restaurant. I know this is something I will need to overcome before I start my "maintenance" phase, but for now it is a big problem for me. Luckily, we only have one car, and I don't get out of the house very much to have to plan many of my meals out. I know plenty of people who seem to eat whatever they want, not work out, and they still are able to stay slim or thin. Why didn't I get those genes?
I am grateful that I've been working out almost every day.
I am grateful that I've been eating healthy and still able to enjoy some food pleasures during the week.
I am grateful for the support of family, friends, and you, my readers.

Today's Menu
2 corn tortillas, 1 oz. lean roast beef, 1/6 cup lowfat cheddar cheese
7 almonds
teriyaki chicken and rice and steamed veggies
7 almonds
2 corn tortillas, 1 oz. lean roast beef, 1/6 cup lowfat cheddar cheese

A day off my workout routine, since my hubby and I have an appointment with our bankrupcy lawyer during the twins' nap time. Today, we'll find out if we really qualify for it. We both think we should, but we've been praying for help.

I hope you're having a happy and healthy day!


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Barbara said...

Great job on the loss! This is such a process and we will all get better at things like eating out as we go along.

Amberly said...

I hope everything went well!