Friday, April 16, 2010

Single Moms

I know a few single moms.
My mom is one of them.
Even when she was married, it was as if she was really single.
Her husband, my sisters' biological father, was never around.
I have learned to forgive him for his flaws and the things he failed to do. Believe me, there were and still are many.
They divorced years ago, and they only contact each other when it concerns my sisters. My sisters only see him once or twice a year, and he lives 20 minutes away.
They're now in their 20's, so I guess they don't miss him very much in their lives.
I've been thinking about single moms lately because I have been a single mom for the last five days.
My hubby has been out of town and will get back this weekend.
He's taking a class that will help him in his career.
Yes, I have been alone with my twin toddlers, doing everything around the house, and trying to lose weight and get fit at the same time.
This might not be a big deal for many of you, but it has been a big deal to me.
You see, every time my hubby comes home, it means I get a little "break."
I get to make dinner with little or no interruptions from the twins because he would be entertaining them.
I get to finish laundry without the twins trying to "help."
I get to shower.
Some "break," huh? LOL.
It's funny when a shower is a luxury.
I look forward to having my hubby home.
I also somewhat enjoyed having time away from him too.
Don't get me wrong. He is a good man, husband, and father.
But sometimes he is also like another child in the house. Sometimes it feels like I have three kids in the house instead of two. He's not a slob, but he could get a little better at putting his clothes away and throwing out the trash.
It has also been nice to just worry about the twins' meals and mine.
I pretty much cook the same dinners for me and my husband, but I don't measure his food. He's not as "health conscious" or OCD as me. LOL.
The twins eat the same dinners as us unless there's stuff in there that they're allergic to (peanuts, mostly).
I have a lot of respect for single moms (like mine) who do their best to be "both parents," work, and maintain a loving home.

Today I am thankful for my mom. She is supportive, loving, and caring. She is a great example of kindness to me.
Friday's Food and Activities
40 minute run
45 minutes walking with twins
upper body with free weights
1 cup Go Lean cereal, 1/2 cup 1% milk
7 almonds
grilled chicken and veggies
1 apple
7 almonds
grilled chicken and veggies

Saturday's Food and Activities
40 minute run
45 minute walk with twins
1 cup Go Lean cereal, 1/2 cup 1% milk
7 almonds
grilled chicken and veggies
1 apple
7 almonds
 Eat what I want for dinner and dessert!

Sunday's Food and Activities
no run- rest day
50 push-ups
1 cup Go Lean cereal, 1/2 cup 1% milk
7 almonds
grilled fish and veggies
1 apple
7 almonds
grilled steak salad with rommaine

I weigh myself on Saturday, and I'll post the results here on Monday.
Have a happy and healthy day!


Barbara said...

What a nice tribute to your mom and other single moms out there. I was also raised by a single mom and admire all their hard work!

Girlie said...

I agree with Barbara, this is a nice tribute to the many women who have to go it alone. Cheers to them!!