Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Feeling It

I'm feeling it today.
The hill my friend and I ran up for a little over a mile is kicking my butt today. It was a beautiful day. I probably should say it was first a beautiful night because the sun hadn't risen yet when we started at 5 a.m. yesterday. When we were done running, we were greeted by a small amount of rain and a beautiful rainbow just above the mountain behind my house. It was breathtaking. I was also out of breath! LOL.
It was about 93 degrees when we started. That's probably how hot it will be when we run our first race in just a few weeks. My new Camelbak hydration belt worked awesome! It didn't budge, and it kept me hydrated. I'm so glad I bought it, and I have absolutely no "buyer's remorse" about paying $40 for it. I don't shop for myself a whole lot, and it was a necessary purchase if I want to continue being active outdoors. So today, Ibuprofen is my friend.

We had some drama here last night with my hubby and his kids. Actually... if you haven't noticed... I haven't really been posting much about the stepkids. I've purposely done that, so they didn't take over my ENTIRE life. They stress me out as it is, and this place is one of the few "safe" places for me to be me, vent, and focus on the good things. Well, like I said, there was drama. There's been drama every night (meaning something happened with one or both of the stepkids and me and hubby were arguing and fighting about it all night) for four consecutive nights. I often think his stepkids will be the end of our marriage. Last night's fight was bad. I was physically ill from talking, fighting, and arguing every night for four nights. I told him I wasn't going to talk to him about them anymore unless it concerns the twins. I told him, "I'm done." There are 17 days until they leave. I plan to not spend much time with them for those 17 days. I think we'll all be happier then.

I was so upset last night, that I slept in the twins' room, and didn't run this morning. I haven't missed a run except for the two times I got shin splints and my knee got really swollen. I'm not letting that upset me because I'm running tonight once the babies are in bed. I absolutely refuse to spend time with my husband and HIS kids right now. That might sound petty, but I need a break from them.

Today's Fuel:  Eating clean even though my stress level is asking for me to snack!
Today's Activity:  3.5 mile run at night, upper body with weights

I hope you're having a happier and healthier day than I am!

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