Friday, July 16, 2010

Twenty Eight to Go!

Twenty-Eight more days until freedom!
Twenty-eight more days until my stress level goes WAY down!

My stepkids are going back to their mother's house in 28 days.
I'm soooo ready for it.

Today is Friday, and I love Fridays.
It means one more day to be good and then I can indulge a little.
I have a 3 mile run scheduled this morning.
I just hope I don't pass out in the heat.
I'll be going about 9 a.m.
It's already hot at that time.
I'm trying a new route.
I'm a little nervous, but I'm starting uphill and then coming back down for a recovery run.
It should be easier than the other way around.

I have to get going, so I won't be posting my food for the weekend.

Have a happy and healthy weekend!
I'll post my weight (if it changes) here on Monday.


Jennifer said...

Hope you had a nice run! good luck on the scale! the scale was very mean to me this week!!! :(


Tricia said...

have a great weekend