Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Yes, I've committed myself.
Last night, I officially signed up to run a 10K (6.2 miles).
It's in August.
It could''ve been the lingering feeling of empowerment that I felt from this morning's successful 3 mile run.
It could've been my friends' words of encouragement that I can do it.
It could've been that I went insane.
Either way I am excited, and I'm looking forward to crossing that FINISH LINE and seeing my hubby and twins there cheering me on.

There is such a sense of accomplishment every time I finish a run.
I just hope and pray that my body will be strong and healthy for the event.

Today I am thankful for the beautiful sunrise that greeted me this morning before my run.

Today's Activities and Food
3 mile run
1 cup Trader Joe's oat and grain cereal, 1/2 cup nonfat milk
7 almonds
2 slices multigrain bread, 6 slices turkey, tomatoes, 1 TBS B&B spread
1 apple
4 oz. grilled sirloin steak, stirfried veggies, 1/2 cup quinoa

Have a happy and healthy day!


LeeLee said...

AHHHH!!!! :D I'm so proud of you!!! Congratulations for taking this step to register. I am praying that your body stays strong and healthy for you, I know this is a HUGE accomplishment! OH & I love your 30lb lost reward....CUTEEEE!!!!
Stay strong Girl!!!

CC said...

Oh I love it! Someday I'll reward myself with one... Way to go on registering. Awesome! I started a blog on Monday and it's the sense of empowerment... It's been such a long, long time since I've felt anything close to this. Yay for girls feeling empowered!

Jennifer said...

How exciting you are doing a 10K. My first mini goal is to run a 5K. I have too discovered that I like jogging. Who knew?!?! I am down about 50 lbs and apparently that makes running more enjoyable when there is less weight to truck along. However, I learned that because I am doing Medifast that all the jogging that I was doing was actually slowing down my weight loss. It was putting me into starvation mode because I was burning too many calories for what I am taking in in a day(about 1000 calories). So...for now, until I come off of medifast I have cut down on the running quite a bit. I do zumba once a week and sometimes jog a mile another day. This is a battle for me since I feel like I should exercise because I now can. But I will wait it out a bit longer. And since I have slowed the jogging I have been losing about 3-4 lbs a week as compared to 1-2 a week. I was surprised my MF health coach was right. But soon I will be coming off medifast and I too look forward to starting my jogs back up!!! Congrats to you on signing up for the 10K. You can do it!