Monday, May 3, 2010

A Week Off?

I took another trip to the doctor this weekend, and I've been told to stay away from exercise (especially running) for a week.
How am I supposed to lose weight?
They took X-rays of my left leg, found no stress fractures, and deduced that it's a bad case of shin splints.
I have one week to get better, or I'll have to go to physical therapy.
Sometimes stuff that's good for you (running) can be bad for you too.
This really sucks.
It's R.I.C.E. for me.
Compression (Ace bandage)

Ways to stay active:
Do P90X upper body workouts
a million punches (hooks, upper cuts, cross punches, jabs)
elbow strikes
P90X abs

I also weighed myself on Saturday, and I lost 1/2 a pound!
This stinks!
Well... a loss is better than a "gain" or a "stay." That's two sticks of butter, Baby!
I only have 13 more pounds to lose, and if it's going to be super slow, then it's gonna be super slow.
I lost most of the pounds pretty quickly, so I guess this is "payback."
Did I mention that the pain in the balls of my feet come back at every other run?
I wish I didn't have all these problems.
It's making losing the last few pounds so much more difficult.
How are you doing?
How do you stay positive when you're losing the weight so slowly?

Today, I'm thankful for this 1/2 pound loss. I'll just keep plugging away!
Today's Food and Activities
P90X shoulders & arms
P90X abs
1/2 cup Special K granola cereal, 1/2 cup fat free milk
7 almonds
1 multigrain english muffin, 6 slices ham, tomatoes, 1 TBS Brummel & Brown spread
7 almonds
grilled sirloin pork and veggies
1 WW fudgsicle

Have a happy and healthy day!


Integrity Daily said...

M you're doing fantastic! Interesting you asked a question I'm struggling with today. I had a few days that were a little off and now I'm trying to pull myself back up. I try affirmations when I'm not getting the results I want. 'I feel terrific' 'Today is a great day' 'I feel strong'

Hoping the best for you in a speedy recovery. Back to the workouts as soon as you're able. It's hard to not be able to exercise the way you want. I think the modified workouts are fantastic!

MissHaneefa said...

Don't let this get you down! I know you can do it!

LeeLee said...

Hey M,
I hope you get better soon. Injuries do suck but, it would just prolong your process if you don't listen to the docs orders.
I keep reminding myself that this is a life style change not a quick fix, so if I lose it be it b/c this is something I want to continue doing even when I hit my goal. You are doing great, you definitely inspire me and I thank you for all of your great & kind words!!! Take it easy & enjoy P90X!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Despite your injury, it sounds like you're making great progress. Keep up the hard work!

I finished my first round of P90X a few weeks ago.

I started another round of P90X last Sunday and I'm doing it with my wife this time (this is her first round).

Feel free to check out my results from round 1 of P90X here- P90X Results

Girlie said...

Oh man, shin splints are the WORST!! I've had them before. I am sure your doctor told you, but if not, I've researched AND been told that it has more to do with the shoes you are wearing than the actually running/training you are doing. I am not sure where you live, but in my area there are places where you can try on shoes and they will record your feet as you walk and run on a treadmill to make sure you are getting the right kind of support. Maybe look for a place like that in your area to make sure your shoes are giving your feet the proper support to avoid shin splints!! Good luck and get well soon!