Friday, March 19, 2010


I woke up this morning at 6:45, and I really didn't want to get up for the day.
What do you do when you're a stay-at-home mom with 21 month old twins?
You get up.
So I did just that.
I dragged my butt out of bed (about 7:15), went to the gym, and rode the stationary bike for 20 minutes.
I was actually disappointed that I couldn't go the 45 minutes that I did just yesterday.
I had to be home early enough for my hubby to get to work earlier this morning.
He has a lypoma. It's a fatty deposit that seems to have gotten irritated, so he's having it surgically removed this afternoon. It's about the size of a quarter. We are a little nervous about it, but we have faith that the surgeon will do a good job and he will heal just fine. The scary part is that it's in his neck.
I don't know why I was so exhausted this morning.
I hate it when I wake up feeling tired.
Maybe when that happens that means I didn't sleep well. I don't know.
Hopefully I will sleep well tonight.
I weigh in tomorrow.
It has been 10 days since my last weigh-in.
I changed weigh-ins and "Eat What I Want Day" to Saturdays.
It's easier for date nights and relaxing with my family.

Today's Activities and Food
20 minutes on stationary bike
1 hour walk with double stroller in the afternoon
20 minutes Pilates
30 minutes upper body with free weights
1/2 honey wheat english muffin, 4 slices tomatoes, 1/4 cup nonfat cheddar, 3 ham slices
10 almonds
WW Salisbury Steak meal
7 almonds
Healthy Choice Chicken Pad Thai
1 Skinny Cow Fudgsicle
1/2 cup 2% milk

Saturday's Activities and Food
45 minutes on stationary bike
10 minutes abs
30 minutes upper body with weights
"Eat Whatever I Want Day" (taking it easy though)

Sunday's Activities and Food
rest day
1/2 english muffin, 6 slices turkey deli, 4 slices tomatoes, 1 TBS. B&B spread
7 almonds
1/2 english muffin, 6 slices turkey deli, 4 slices tomatoes, 1/4 cup nonfat cheddar
7 almonds
3 oz. grilled steak, cabbage, 1/2 cup potatoes, 1/2 cup white rice

I'll be back on Monday to let you know about the weigh-in.

I hope you have a happy and healthy weekend!


Debbie said...

I really like the way you list you food and activites. Hey having twins is wonderful. Your pics are good. Keepup the good work.

Anonymous said...

I am jealous! lol I just came across your blog. Will have to read back to see how you did it. It's hard to get into the process but you have made me a little bit more motivated :)