Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Finally a Fun Shopping Trip and a Nice Surprise

Ask anyone who has just gained weight or is overweight if clothes shopping is fun for them.
If you would've asked me last January, I would've told you just how much I hated it.
Last Saturday, I packed up the twins into the van and went shopping for a pair of pants.
I very excitedly donated my size 14's, and 12's to a local charity two weeks ago, and since then I only have one pair of pants to wear out casually.
I did keep a pair of size 14 jeans though to keep track of my progress and hopefully take a great "thinner" picture in them this summer. I'm hoping I'll be at my goal weight by then.
I also kept some of my workout pants because I can tie them at the waist to fit better.
It was however funny when I didn't cinch the waist of one of the ones I was currently wearing, and they started falling off. Lucky for me, I was working out alone in my own family room!
I'm not THAT comfortable with my bum!
Anyways... back to the shopping trip.
I went to Ross. It's a great store where you can buy a whole bunch of stuff at really good prices.
I ended up coming home with
*size 10 jeans @ $12.99
*size 10 grey pants @ $10.99
*medium size grey rayon shirt with cute ties on the shoulders @ $6.49 (clearance, and totally cute!)
*medium size black/white chiffon see-thru short sleeve shirt @ $11.99

I was a shopping machine! I only spent about $45 and bought two tops and two bottoms!
I also felt good with the experience because $20 of the purchase was a gift from my bday back in February.
The best part of this shopping trip was that I dropped down a couple of sizes in pants, and I actually fit into medium sized tops!
I haven't worn medium tops in over 5 years!
I was talking about the experience with my husband a couple of nights ago, and I started crying.
Yes, I was actually crying. Happy tears though!
It was fun to shop again.
It was exciting to fit into tops that I didn't think I could.
You know, the ones with buttons in the front?!?!
I used to really hate those because I have some pretty big boobs, and whevever I gain weight, I gain it there first.

I just wanted to share this good experience with you.
You readers are such great supporters.

I 've been feeling like my feet issues are setting me back.
Yesterday, I signed up to try out a small local gym by my house, so I can use their more "modern" bike. I really hate the stationary bike at my clubhouse.
This gym is giving me a week for free, and they also do just "month-by-month," so that might work out for me. It's brand new too, so it's pretty nice.

Today's Weigh-In...

I lost 2.5 pounds!
Yay! I'm so grateful that my feet problems didn't set me back this week.
I'm determined to get on the bike 4-5 days a week and burn off calories and fat.

I'll take a pic of my new cute earrings that I buy today. They're my "20 pounds gone" reward!
Have a happy and healthy day!


BEE said...

congrats on the 2.5 pound loss

MissHaneefa said...

Way to go! Size 10 pants that is amazing, keep up the great work.

Barbara said...

Wow! Great job on your loss! What a fun shopping trip. Way to go!

Kerri & Katie said...

SOSOSO proud of you! Keep up the good work. You deserve to enjoy shopping again!

LeeLee said...

Way to go Girl!!!!! Size 10? What an accomplishment. I vowed to myself when my size 12's are falling off I would treat myself to a shopping spree! Keep up the great work & dedication!