Monday, March 29, 2010


I wish
I lived in Hawaii.
I could have more children.
for a million dollars.
I could stop craving a whole bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos.
that rocky road ice cream was totally calorie-free and fat-free.

Last Saturday I weighed myself.
I lost 1.5 pounds.
I thought it was going to say,
"You ate WAY too much junk last weekend, and you thought you'd lose weight?"
I can offically buy a cute pair of shoes! That's the next prize for "25 pounds gone."
The sad thing is they definitely have to be sensible.
I might have to buy a pair of New Balance mules. They're the athletic shoes without a back. Maybe I'll find some cute ones to wear around the house (advised by podiatrist).
I'm grateful for this loss and the fact that I've been able to run again without pain.
Thank you to my loyal followers.
Thank you for following me on this journey and for your encouraging comments.

On a side note... I was pretty bad to my body on Saturday. My husband and I went out all day. The afternoon was with the twins, and my sis babysat for us at night.
Breakfast:  pancakes stuffed with... Cookies N' Cream candy bar
(Yeah, you read that right.) It was quite good. I'm sorry if some of you just got grossed out.
If you've never tried white chocolate in your pancakes, you shouldn't try it.
You'll get hooked.
I looked for regular white chocolate chips at the grocery store, but they didn't have any.
So I got a candy bar instead.
Lunch:  16 oz. grilled T-bone steak with fries and a side of ranch dressing. It was yummy.
Dinner:  Lots of chips and salsa, 1 glass of horchata, 3 large pepper-stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon and drizzled with cheddar cheese, spanish rice
Dessert:  1 small slice of apple sour cream stresel pie and two scoops of vanilla ice cream
Oh. My. Goodness.
It was sooo good.
All the food I had on Saturday was so good that I woke up at 2 a.m. on Sunday and threw it all up.
What the heck is wrong with me?
That was WAY too much food. My stomach felt fine that night, but early in the morning it felt like I wasn't going to be able to digest all of it.
After throwing up, I felt a million times better and fell asleep.
I was totally fine for the rest of the day.

Please remind me again to take it easy on my "Eat What I Want Day."
I'm renaming Saturday as "Eat What I Want Without Getting Sick Day."

Monday's Food and Activites
35 minutes run/walk program
(5 min. run, 2 min. walk)
45 minutes walk with twins
20 minutes abs
30 minutes upper body with free weights
1 light Activia yogurt
1 whole wheat english muffin, 1 TBS B&B spread, 4 slices tomatoes, 1 turkey bacon slice
7 almonds
2 small corn tortillas, 1 turkey bacon slice, 4 slices tomatoes, 1/4 nonfat cheddar
7 almonds
2 sweet wheat bagels, 1 scrambled egg in Pam, 1/2 cup green beans with 1 tsp olive oil
9 mini rice cakes

I hope you're having a happy and healthy day.


HarlowGirl said...

I have totally had those days where I stuff myself, and at the time I feel no guilt or DISCOMFORT and then was sick for most of the next day. You are doing awesome though and I enjoy reading your blog! :)

MissHaneefa said...

I was looking at the time line at the top of your page and I realized that you are MORE THAN HALFWAY THERE!OMG! Way to go! Woot! Woot! *Pats on the back and High 5's*