Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flat Tires

Today I rode a stationary bike for 35 minutes. I felt like I could've done another 10 minutes, but I promised my hubby that I would be home early enough so that he could get in a swim before work.
I left the gym and walked into my morning of he**.
Okay, I'm exaggerating a little.
I walked to my car which had a... flat tire. Ugh.
I absolutely hate flat tires.
My mom's car (when I used to drive it)  had so many flat tires. I don't know if it's because we lived in a very "under construction" zone or what.
Flat tires aren't so bad unless you had to get somewhere quickly.
This is why it was bad for me.
My hubby has been so supportive lately about my health and fitness goals, and I really wanted to be supportive of his by being on time in the morning.
Oh well.
$2.25 in quarters later... the tire still wasn't fully inflated. I put the cap on and drove it home. It was still driveable, but I told him not to drive it on the freeway. He later called me and said he spent $90 for a new tire. That stinks. It especially stinks because this is the car we're not even going to have for very long. We gave it up in our bankrupcy.
The rest of my day has been great!

Today's Activities and Food
stationary bike 35 minutes
45 minutes walking with friends and double stroller
abs 20 minutes
arms, shoulders, back, and chest 30 minutes
1 multigrain english muffin, lowfat ham slices, tomatoes, 1 TBS B&B spread
1 regular english muffin, lowfat ham slices, tomatoes, 1/4 cup nonfat cheddar cheese
1 apple
Healthy Choice Chicken Pad Thai (with veggies), 1 WW lemon creme cake
1 serving Greek yogurt with strawberries

Tomorrow is another crazy and busy day.
I plan to go on the stairmaster tomorrow. I know the foot doc told me to stay on the bike, but I'm curious if I could just keep my feet "flat" on the stairmaster. I'll update you on how this goes. I also plan on walking with my friends and the twins again for about an hour.

Have a happy and healthy day!


Debbie said...

Hey 45 min on the walking is good. I need to start on my weight training. To bad about the tire.

Integrity Daily said...

Hey M! Thanks for checking in and posting. I'm taking a note from you and when I maintain my first goal of 145lbs for a week I'm going to treat myself to a ring I want. Thanks for the idea and motivation :)