Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why Did I Do That?

Why did I weigh myself today?
Dumb curiosity, maybe.
I don't weigh myself until Saturday, but I was curious to see how I was doing just 2 days before my official weigh-in. And... after two days of running.
I didn't like what I saw.
It said that I weighed the same. 139.5 lbs.
I vow never to do that again.

Today's Activities and Food
30 minutes run/walk program
20 minutes abs
30 minutes upper body with free weights
1 hour walk with twins
1 english muffin, 1 slice turkey bacon, 2 slices tomatoes, 1 TBS B&B spread
1 Activia strawberry/banana yogurt (trying to get regular here, LOL)
7 almonds
2 small corn tortillas, 1 slice turkey bacon, 2 slices tomatoes, 1/4 cup nonfat cheddar
7 almonds
1 large shrimp taco with 1 flour tortilla

Have a happy and healthy day!

1 comment:

Weighting Around said...

Sometimes it is just so tempting to weigh yourself mid-week. I have learned, from experience, that it isn't a good idea. You can go from feeling happy-go-lucky and kind of thin one minute to totally bummed out and fat the next. It's not worth it. So now I wait, no matter how much I want to see what the scale has to say...