Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Loving the Scale

Do scales ever lie?
Well... maybe when it's the TOM. Lucky for me it's not the TOM.
That was last week. However, I do feel a little bloated. Maybe I ate too much fiber yesterday.
Yesterday's fiber was an apple, 4 small corn tortillas, a serving of whole wheat spaghetti , and a serving of spaghetti sauce. Hmmm.... all that fiber feels like it's still in my belly. Ugh. Oh well.
A loss IS a loss. I'm done being bummed out.
I have to remember that I lost one pound even though I had some awesome food for my birthday and yummy Tres Leches cake!
I weighed myself this morning, and it said that I lost 1 pound.
I'm happy that I lost weight, but I'm admittedly a little disappointed because I've been working out so hard only to lose 1 pound. I've been running too! I have to remind myself that 1-2 pounds a week is healthy. I don't want to lose muscle mass.
Tuesday's Plan
abs 10 minutes. My left knee is feeling a little sore from yesterday's run and also Jillian's No More Trouble Zones, so I'm not going to work out more until tomorrow.  
beef stirfry, potatoes, cabbage with 1/2 cup rice
Eat whatever I want for dinner and dessert!
(one night of indulgence)

I read in a current issue of Oxygen's Fat Loss mag that apples have a low Glycemic Index and has tons of fiber. It helps curb your appetite! I bought a bunch of apples last night to try this out this week.

Have a happy and healthy day!


MissHaneefa said...

Don't worry any loss is a good loss. I love Oxygen, I even got a subscription for Christmas.Keep up the good work.

Barbara said...

Yes, one pound is a loss an something to be proud of! Good job!

Integrity Daily said...

Hi M!

Nice work on the scale. I know it's a finicky little instrument. Apples are fantastic! I will slice one up and enjoy slowly for breakfast. It's amazing how satisfying it is, plus I can still exercise without a full tummy.