Friday, January 8, 2010

Feeling Great

I had a great day yesterday.

45 minutes of bootcamp on Fit TV. Done.
20 points eating healthy food. Done. I know I went under the 22, but it's okay.
30 minute walk with double jogging stroller. Done.

I forgot to mention that during the holidays I (like most people, I'm sure) binged on sugar. I lived and breathed sugar from Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve. I guess a headache for 3 days straight was my punishment right after I started eating healthy just four days ago. The good news? I don't have a headache today. My thighs and buns hurt a bunch from bootcamp yesterday, but I'm feeling good overall. Today I'm working out with a Bosu ball. It's that funny looking half-ball thing that makes you use your core muscles when you work out. It's pretty fun once you get the hang of balancing on top of it. Wish me luck!

I hope you're doing well on your goals!


skinnyhollie said...

Add Calcium/Magnesium supplement to your diet and it will KILL a headache in its tracks! Whenever I detox from sugar or caffeine this helps me so much!

Amberly said...

Good Luck! I was reading through your previous posts and you mentioned not going to the WW meetings. I'm not going either.. (I'm not doing WW lol) but my idea was if I hold myself accountable to writing everyday in my blog it would be just as if I had that support. Of course honesty plays a huge role in the whole thing. So just treat your blog as you would your meetings. Maybe that may be nice.. and a little cheaper :o) Excellent job by the way... I feel motivated to go and exercise.