Friday, January 15, 2010

Yay! Finally Some Good Sleep!

I finally got some good sleep last night! No one woke up with a leaking diaper and wet clothes. Do you know what a relief that is? That means I slept through the night too! Let me recap my day yesterday.

Breakfast:  2 corn tortillas, 2 oz. lean roast beef, 1/6 cup cheese
Snack:  7 almonds
Lunch:  2 corn tortillas, 2 oz. lean roast beef, 1/6 cup cheese
Dinner:  roasted chicken pannini with sweet peppers, fresh basil leaves, and balsamic vinegarette dressing
Liquids:  tons of water throughout the day, 2 cups country peach tea

I have finally learned how to get rid of that "I'm still hungry" feeling between my meals. Dr. Oz mentioned on his show yesterday that the brain can't decipher whether you're hungry or thirsty sometimes. He said to drink a glass of water if you feel hungry between your meals. The brain will be tricked into thinking it got what it needed. I've tried this, and it works! I've also learned to enjoy tea. I just choose the fruity herbal teas, and I have this as a "treat" at night. I use Splenda or another non-sugar sweetener. It's also kind of nice as a "wind down for the night" drink. Have you tried this trick before? Have you tried the handful of almonds trick yet? If you have a great tip for getting rid of that hungry feeling between your meals, please put it in my comments form. I'd love to hear your success with it.

So far, I've had

Breakfast:  2 corn tortillas, 1 oz. lean roast beef, 1/6 cup cheese.
I'm also working out with a bootcamp show I taped (after this post).

I'm planning to have:

Snack:  7 almonds
Lunch:  2 corn tortillas, 2 oz. lean roast beef, 1/6 cup cheese (This is the last of my corn tortillas. I bought some Western Bagels and lowfat cream cheese that I'll start having for breakfast this weekend.)
Snack:  7 almonds
Dinner:  2 oz. linguine with 1/4 oz. pancetta and lowfat cream sauce, 2 oz. roasted garlic ciabatta
liquids:  lots of water, peach tea
I'm planning on going to my clubhouse gym tomorrow while my hubby watches the twins for an hour.

As I mentioned before, I probably won't be able to post on Saturday or Sunday. Weekends are busier than weekdays for me. I know. It's quite the opposite around here. I guess that's the life of a SAHM of twins. I will post again on Monday and let you know how I did over the weekend.

Have a happy and healthy day!


Tricia said...

Have a great weekend!

Ruth Rogers said...

Thanks for the reminder... lately I have been so hungry after I eat... I have been working on my water intake but I think I need to work harder.