Thursday, January 14, 2010

Krav Maga Kicks Butt!

Last night I went to my friend's Krav Maga class. I met another friend there too. H (my friend) has really transformed her body into a lean fighting machine. I know if I took classes 3-4 times a week like she has for almost a year that my body would probably be amazing too. I could probably eat basically what I wanted also! The only drawback for me is that money is tight right now; I'm a stay-at-home-mom with no form of extra income; and no one can watch the twins during the class times. I have a HUGE fear of letting anyone but my husband, mom, or sisters watch the twins. The cost is $100 a month. I have always wanted to learn how to defend myself in case of anything, and Krav Maga was right up in that alley. They teach you anything from fighting someone with a weapon to kicking a guy in the groin to get away from them. It's awesome. I just can't afford it. Maybe I'll call around and see if I could compare prices with other martial arts disciplines/classes. I think it's worth the time.

So Krav Maga kicked my butt. I learned how to punch the right way. I learned how to make fists the right way. I learned how to stand like a fighter. I also learned how to kick someone in the groin and mean it. It was awesome. I sweat the entire time. It hurt the entire time. It felt great. It felt so good that I was exhausted and wanted to throw up right after. I haven't felt that tired in a long time (from a workout I mean).

This is what I ate yesterday.
Breakfast: 2 tortillas, 1/6 cup cheese, 2 oz. deli sliced roast beef
Lunch:  2 tortillas, 1/6 cup cheese, 2 oz. deli sliced roast beef, Olive Garden house salad, 1 serving of Zupa Toscana (Did I overdo it?)
Snack:  14 almonds
Dinner:  steak salad with cheese and 1/2 cup Spanish rice

I was starving right after Krav Maga. I didn't have dinner yet, but I was still full from my HUGE lunch before I went to the class. I may have overdone it at lunch, but I totally burned it off at the class. If you have Krav Maga in your area, give it a try. You might enjoy punching and kicking things so much that you'll forget you're exercising. Well, I'm off to do a Bosu workout for one hour and maybe dance for 30 minutes. So far I've had

Breakfast: 2 tortillas, 1/6 cup cheese, 2 oz. deli sliced roast beef

(will have lunch 30 minutes after 7 almonds) Lunch: 2 tortillas, 1/6 cup cheese, 2 oz. deli sliced roast beef

By the way, I finally put a picture of me here. I hope it motivates me every day to kick butt on my workouts and eat right.

Have a happy and healthy day!

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Class sounds like fun!